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Serv@Net is a secure, sophisticated web-based policy management service. A single, fully integrated platform, it puts you in control of your credit management.


Available at no extra charge for our credit insurance policy holders, Serv@Net features an intuitive, simple to use design that will support you in every aspect of your credit management process. This includes managing credit limits and debtors, submitting declarations, monitoring invoice reports and viewing policy conditions.

In addition to enabling you to access all of your credit insurance management needs in one place, it also helps you manage your policies in real time, with email alerts and online notifications.







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Be proactive in the way you offer and manage credit for your customers

Serv@Net gives you access to information on cover for all of your customers within a group or portfolio, including conditions of cover. You can download these as reports and take action, such as cancelling unwanted credit limits.

Serv@Net is designed to save you time and administrative effort. If you need to apply for a large quantity of credit limits, for example, you can upload these in bulk. You can also track the status of your credit limit applications and maintain a clear overview of your portfolio.

You can view policy terms and conditions, request and view invoice reports, download policy PDFs, change contact details and define delivery methods of document receipts such as credit limits by electronic output.

Access to Serv@Net can be set to central or localised levels to suit your organisation’s structure and needs.

I find that Atradius has been able to get information that our company could never find. This allows us to make good decisions.  We have not had to place any claims as yet, and I feel that stems from good information when we apply for a customer.  We rely on Atradius' due diligence.

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Large Enterprise Retail Company

Practise advanced credit management online      

You may access the Atradius Buyer Ratings tool through Serv@Net. It monitors the  customers in your portfolio and provides an indication (on a scale of 1 to 100) of the likelihood of a payment default within the next 12 months.

This can be a valuable tool when assessing potential risks and future opportunities within your portfolio.

Intelligence from the Buyer Ratings Tool and Management Information Reports are available for you to access in the language of your choice both online and as downloadable reports.



Act promptly when a customer fails to pay

There may be times when a customer fails to pay. Serv@Net allows you to immediately record the non-payment, submit the insurance claim to us and provide us with the opportunity to recover the missing payment on your behalf.

Your Serv@Net online dashboard will keep you notified with information on all debts and the progress of our recovery teams.

Credit management online: your benefits

  • multilingual and multicurrency functionality
  • we have access to information on more than 200 million companies
  • allows you to manage your customer credit portfolio efficiently and easily
  • simple credit insurance management, with applications, declarations and claims all in one place
  • message board keeping you informed and in control
  • transparent and tailored information, including historic data, in a ready to use report format


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Designed for multinational clients, Atradius Global sees your business as a whole while providing on-the-ground local support that mirrors your own geographical reach and multilingual policies.

Atradius Insights

In today’s competitive business environment, having up-to-date information and business intelligence at the tip of your fingers is a key asset.

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Atradius have always been very professional and understand our commercial decisions. They listen to us and allow us to work with account managers who are accessible and pay attention to our needs and our business.


Oplysningerne heri er udelukkende informative og må ikke bruges til andre formål. Se venligst den aktuelle police eller den relevante produkt- eller serviceaftale for de gældende betingelser. Intet heri medfører nogen rettighed, forpligtelse eller ansvar på vegne af Atradius, herunder enhver forpligtelse til at foretage due diligence af købere eller på dine vegne. Hvis Atradius foretager en due diligence vedr. en køber, er det for egne forsikringstekniske formål og ikke til fordel for den forsikrede eller nogen anden person. Ydermere må Atradius eller dets tilknyttede virksomheder eller datterselskaber ikke på noget tidspunkt være ansvarlig for direkte, indirekte, konkret dokumenterede tab eller følgetab, der måtte opstå som følge af brugen af udtalelserne i denne information