Webinar: What is Atradius Flow and how can we benefit?

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12 Jul 2022


Microsoft Teams

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12 Jul 2022


What is Atradius Flow and how can we benefit?



What is Atradius Flow and how can you benefit from it?

With Atradius Flow you can work with credit insurance in your own familiar environment, and have all related processes supported and semi-automated.

Atradius Flow is a standard solution for NAV and Business Central that integrates credit insurance with your own financial system. Atradius Flow gives you exactly what the name says: Flow. When Flow is integrated in NAV or Business Central, the administration of credit insurance can be performed more efficiently, while minimizing the risk of errors.


  • Flow is easy and quick to install
  • Simplifies administration
  • Provides updated and correct data
  • Semi-automates your processes
  • Frees up time for more value-creating activities
  • Gives you an increased insight into your credit risks
  • More efficient handling of your insurance policies
  • Easy handling in the a well-known user interface
  • Saves time on manual entries and reduces the risk of human errors

In this webinar, we review the benefits of Atradius Flow and what it takes to install the module. At the same time, I will to show you a short demo of the module and give insight into how integration works in everyday life.

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